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Our Projects

We help leaders and organizations maximize their positive impact in the world.

By offering resources and capital to game changers, our goal is to create the largest impact investment fund in the world supporting the “for benefit” and “for purpose” ecosystem.

House Build Mexico
Project: House Build For Family In Need
Location: Maneadero, Mexico
Organization Empowered: Baja Bound
Status: 10 homes built as of 2017

Food Cart Cambodia
Project: Micro-Loan Food Cart, Orphanage Painting Program, Bracelet Making Program
Location: Cambodia and Vietnam
Organization Empowered: Hands On Journeys
Status: Completed January & June, 2016

Project Rescue
Project: Rescue 2 Million Children From Sex Slavery
Location: Costa Rica, Thailand, Haiti
Organization Empowered: Operation Underground Railroad
Status: Ongoing support

Project Malaria
Project: Prevent Malaria Transmission
Location: Eastern African Countries
Organization Empowered: Against Malaria Foundation
Status: Ongoing support

Project Housing
Project: Reduce Homelessness
Location: San Diego, CA
Organization Empowered: PATH Connections Housing
Status: Fundraising completed March, 2014

Project School Build
Project: School Build and Education Scholarship
Location: Ghana, West Africa
Organization Empowered: Pencils of Promise
Status: Scheduled November, 2017

Our Team

We support organizations making a difference in the world. Join our journey to $1.2 million dollars of support in 2016.

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Founder Mike Sherbakov

Education Director Jenny Scholl

Inspiration Director Hunter O'Brien

Empowerment Director Chelsea Fleming

Board Member David Steel

Board Member David Perez

Community & Support Mandy Budare

Design & Development Daniel Clarke